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Primeverse Maximal Insignia by kiinastar
Primeverse Maximal Insignia
My take on the Primeverse (Aligned) Maximal Insignia 

Connected to my Transformers story 'Maximal Revolution,' where Maximal's get loose on Earth after the destruction of Shockwave's lab. 

Link to story below;


Full Circle by kiinastar
Full Circle

Now that Princess Luna has visited Apple Bloom in her dream she has now helped all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, maybe she'll helped them more in the future 

Transformers Prime: Maximal Revolution
Chapter 1

At an army base far from any towns or prying eyes inside the Autobot's temporary headquarters things could of been mistaken for peaceful were it not for the tension in the air. It was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

Jack was sitting with Miko and Raf barely listing as the two argued over the game they were playing. Every few minutes the oldest would look over to where the Autobot's were gathered. It had only been a day since the mine incident and Ultra Magnus was recovering from his fight with Predaking. But it was so quiet. Wheeljack had barely said anything, it was almost unnatural without Ratchet's grumbling as he worked. Arcee was staring off into space while Bulkhead stare at his peds, even Miko couldn't make him talk. Smokescreen and Bumblebee hadn't moved much.

It had been shocking for the Autobots to discover that Predaking could transform, Ratchet had explained that Predacons had went extinct a long time ago so they didn't know the ancient beastformers could transform. It must of been shocking to the Autobots.

As he was thinking about this Jack then realized someone was missing.


Outside Optimus was gazing into the sky deep in thought. It was always saddening when lives were lost, it didn't matter if they were Autobot, Decepticon, Neutral and since being on Earth human.

"Optimus?" The Prime turned to see Jack standing a few feet from him.


"A-Are you okay?"

The powerful being kneeled down on one knee and reached a hand towards the boy. Without hesitating Jack climbed up and Optimus stood, being careful not to shake his passenger. "I am well Jackson."

"You don't sound it."

Optimus gave him a small smile, "Lives lost should always be mourned. . . and I grieve for what Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus must be going through." At Jack's questing look he continued, "It's sad enough that they thought they were forced to destroy tortured beast Shockwave created but to learn they were sentient beings. . . little more then sparklings, it adds to the wound."

Jack lowered his gaze, "Yeah."

"And I find something about this very strange."

Jack looked back up. "What?"

"The energon, there was none in the mines and yet I don't think they were delivering it to the lab."

"You think the Decepticons did this on purpose?" Jack asked.

"Indeed," was the grave reply.

"Optimus? Jack?" Both turned to see Ratchet walking towards them. "What are you doing out here?"

"Reminiscing," Optimus answered softly. He placed Jack back on the ground and motion for him to join the others inside. After he left Optimus turned to his medic, "Is something the matter?"

"No just. . . I was wondering what you were doing out here."

Optimus turned away and looked into the sky again, "Something trouble's me."

"After what's happened I can't blame you," Ratchet replied.

"No, the Matrix pluses old friend," Optimus placed a servo over his spark chamber, "In a way I haven't felt for a long time. I just. . . sense that there is something else coming. But for good or evil I can't be certain."


Another was in mourning over what had been lost. Predaking was currently in his beast mode laying on the top of the Nemesis, he hadn't moved for a long time and someone might mistake him for a statue if it wasn't for his swishing tail. He watched the clouds pass by, it would have been a peaceful time it not for the loss of his brethren. And the ones responsible for this had escaped.

Predaking snarled and dug his claws into the plating of the ship at the thought, he would of killed at least two of them if the Prime had not intervened. But not all was lost yet, Megatron had promised to try and bring his brethren back. But they currently didn't have the resources here.

If he helped them defeat the Autobots then they could reclaim their world and bring his mighty race back. With that goal Predaking was determine to help the Decepticons win this war and nothing would stop him, nothing.


Inside the Nemesis Megatron, Knock Out, Starscream and Soundwave were discussing the earlier events that had led to the destruction of most of the Predacons and the discovery of the cyber-matter and a new way to bring their planet back.

"I'd say the plan's working perfectly. And I might add with some unexpected developments." Starscream was as smug as ever.

"Still, the beast survived. We need to be careful," Megatron snapped. For now Predaking was angry at the Autobots but if he ever learned the truth.

"Still tall, dark and scaly is proving useful," Knock Out commentated.

"For now," Megatron scoffed, "But everyone is to remain on guard. I don't want any slips of the tongue!' He sent a glare at Starscream.

"What? Me!" The Seeker cried.

Before anyone could say anything else Soundwave's visor flashed with an incoming message. At Megatron's nod he sent the message through. :My lord: Shockwave's voice echoed throughout the room.

"What is it?" Megatron growled. He was in no mood for any more surprises that day.

:We may have a problem. You need to come to the laboratory: Before anyone could ask the one-optic scientist cut the link. Growling Megatron ordered Soundwave to open a GroundBridge and the Decepticons found themselves in Shockwave's destroyed lab again, but this time they now stood in a smaller side chamber. There had been a wall of fallen rocks covering its entrance till Shockwave and a pair of Vehicons had cleared it. Inside was what Shockwave had called them about.

Empty cloning tanks were scattered about the chamber. Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream and Knock Out waited for Shockwave to explain. "While gathering samples of the cyber-matter I decided to check this chamber, I was certain it was destroyed as well in the blast but it seems the rocks covered the entrance protecting it and the protoforms within."

"Why were these in a different room?" Starscream asked annoyed.

"Because these protoforms were. . . different."

Now he had Megatron's attention, "What do you mean?"

"Early in their devilment I noticed something about them was. . . odd, for lack of a better world. So I isolated them from the main clutch to study them later but with Predaking's transformation and the plan to eradicate the remaining protoforms I was unable to determine their flaws."

"And you think they survived," Megatron growled.

"How could you possible know?" Starscream snapped.

Shockwave calmly pointed to the cloning tanks. "Because the glass is broken. . . from the inside."

The growl that came from Megatron made everyone take a step back from the warlord. "I want them found and DESTROYED! No mistakes! Destroy these creatures no matter what!"


Deep in the Appalachian Mountains far from anyone the side of one of the mountains rocks blocking a cave began to move as something struck them from the inside, after several minutes the pounding got more intense. Finally the boulders fell away revealing a tunnel within. Several large shapes emerged and found themselves in the sunlight for the first time in their short lives.

The largest among them raised its head and basked in the breeze, they were finally free. Free from the pain, the darkness, from the confined spaces they had been trapped in. From the intense heat and shaking that had almost ended their lives. In a way it had been what had freed them.

Now finally free in this strange world they found themselves in. They gazed about in wonder before the largest member motioned for them to move so they could find a safe place to take shelter. A place safe from the red optic being that had caused them so much pain and fear.
Transformers Prime: Maximal Revolution Ch 1

A new form of life is loose on Earth that could threaten Autobot's, Decepticon's, Humans and Predacons. Can Optimus prove there's more to them than meets the eye before Megatron and Predaking get to them.

Universe: Prime


Next chapter:

Transformers belongs to Hasbro

My O.C.'s belongs to me

(I wanted to explain where this story came from,

I noticed in most TF Prime stories with Maximals; one the Maximals are usually based off of the Beast Wars continuity characters. Also the Predacons had inspired the myths of dragons and monsters on Earth, and it got me thinking 'what about the creatures of myth that were helpful and friendly to humanity.')

19 deviations
Hey guys, as you may know my computer crashed and I had to get it fixed. Good news I got to work on some art which I'll try and post soon. The bad news (besides my computer) I wasn't able to work on a lot of my stories so it will be awhile before I can post any new chapters.

I do have a couple first chapters for some new stories and I'll probably post those. For all the other ones pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee be patient.
Hey guys, as you may know my computer crashed and I had to get it fixed. Good news I got to work on some art which I'll try and post soon. The bad news (besides my computer) I wasn't able to work on a lot of my stories so it will be awhile before I can post any new chapters.

I do have a couple first chapters for some new stories and I'll probably post those. For all the other ones pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee be patient.


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United States
My name is Taryn and I hope you like my work, my art is anything that interest me. And I have a lot of interest.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: all kinds
Favourite style of art: drawing
Favourite cartoon character: to many to count
Personal Quote: Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness but of trust

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