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Transformers Maximal Revolution
Chapter 6

The Autobots stepped into their base to find Ratchet and Raf waiting. "How'd it go?" the young boy asked.

Ratchet's gaze zeroed in on Wheeljack and he pointed at him, "You. med berth now!"

"I'm fine doc-"

"NOW!" No one could remember seeing Wheeljack move so fast.

Jack and Miko joined Raf in their area and the younger boy asked, "So what happened?"

"It was amazing!" Miko pretty much shouted, "You know I'm not usually a unicorn girl but that was AWESOME!"

"Unicorn?" Raf said confused, "You mean Unicron."

"Nope, this time we really mean unicorn," Miko said with a grin. "Only this one doesn't prance around all sparkly. Instead it fires blast from it's horn and kicks Decepticons out of the sky!"

Raf gave her a confused look, "Well, we know Predacons inspired legendry creatures here, I guess a unicorn fits." He typed on his laptop and pulled an image on the main monitor, it showed a tapestry of a graceful, one horned, white creature. The Autobots gazed at the image curiously. "Meet the unicorn of European mythology."

"I see a resemblance," Arcee spoke up, "But the one we saw had wings."

"Wings?" Raf looked something up, "A winged unicorn, that's a more modern myth. A popular name for them is Alicorn."

"Then why is it different from it's predecessor?" Ultra Magnus asked.

"I wouldn't put it pass Shockwave to have experimented on it," Ratchet spoke up.

"What about the other's?" Raf asked.

Wheeljack rubbed his helm, "Well mine looked like some kind of turbo fox but with a lot of tails."

Raf started looking for anything similar in mythology. "Did it look like this?" He pulled up an image.

To everyone's surprise Miko spit out her drink and squealed, "A nine-tailed fox! You saw a nine-tailed fox?! That's AWESOME!" She noticed the looks Jack and Raf gave her and shrugged, "What? You two only ever read Brothers Grimm."

Optimus turned to Ultra Magnus, "And you?"

"I saw two, one was a red and gold bird that seemed to be able to control light while the other was a winged equine."

"Pegasus." Everyone turned to Jack who looked embarrassed, "It sounds like Pegasus the winged horse."

"That's right," Raf said pulling up two images, one a statue of a winged horse the other was a painting of a colorful bird surrounded by fire. "The Pegasus and the Phoenix of Greek mythology."

Optimus turned to the other members, "What did yours look like?"

"One of ours looked like the one in the photo. The cat with wings," Smokescreen spoke up.

Bumblebee answered in beeps and clicks and Raf looked at him surprised. "Two forms?" he asked. At Bee's nod Raf looked it up, "Okay, the winged cat is similar to the Pixiu and Bixie from Chinese mythology. And yours Bee actually sounds like two creatures from several Native American's mythology. Two shape shifting trickster deity's, one's associated with the coyote and the other the raven."

Everyone turned to Bulkhead, he rubbed his helm, "Mine looked like a elephant but with claws."

"Okay," Raf typed away, "That sounds like the-"

"Baku!" Miko cried when she saw the image.

"Yeah," Raf agreed, "The Baku of Chinese and Japanese mythology." He had pulled up images of all the creatures and Optimus gazed at them thoughtfully. At least now they knew what they were dealing with.


Flying through the cloud cover the Alicorn allowed itself to enjoy the flight. After everything that had happened today it needed a moment to relax, it's neck still stung a little but the pain would soon pass.

Spotting it's destination it begun it's descent landing beside a waterfall, looking around to make sure no one was watching the equine transformer walked into a cave hidden behind the falls.

Entering it found the rest of it's family already inside, tree branches littered the ground as nest for them. The winged catformer laid curled on top of a rock overhang where it could see everything that was happening below. The winged horse and the phoenix were laying next to each as they dozed while the fox was laying in it's own nest curled up in it's tails. The Triple Changer was currently in it's Coyote mode and was laying on it's back with it's paws waving through the air, but every few minutes it started moving around for a different possession. Finally the fox who was closest snarled at it to stay still.

The Alicorn continued towards it's own nest when it noticed the Baku was swinging a branch around with it's trunk, the equine stomped it's hoof getting the Baku's attention. It dropped branch and curled up in suppose recharge, the Alicorn walked away but the Baku opened an optic then reached for the it's branch but the Alicorn turned with a stern look that made the smallest Predacon curl up again.

Making sure everyone was safe and well the Alicorn climbed into it's own nest and settled down. After one more look over it powered down for the night content, they were all here and were safe. That was all that mattered.


Optimus watched Ratchet as he finished the repairs, he had patched up all their injuries and was now scanning Bulkhead. The medic was still worried about the symptoms he had reported earlier despite the Wreckers claims that he was fine.

Optimus turned away as the green mech tried to insist his dizziness was gone and walked towards the monitor to check the energon readings when he noticed the children were gathered around the human sized monitor talking. He walked closer without them noticing and heard some of their conversation.

"There's actually two types in Chinese mythology," Raf said.

"I didn't know there were so many," Jack commented.

"I never took you for someone who was into this," Miko lightly nudged him with her elbow.

"I can say the same about you," Jack countered. "Really how do you know all there mythical creatures?"

The young girl got a faraway happy look on her face, "My grandfather use to tell me Japanese legends when I was little, he gave me a Baku statue to keep by my bed to keep the nightmares away." She turned to Jack and nudged him again, "What about you?"

The oldest among the three rubbed the back of his head, "My mom use to read these legends to me like Greek mythology, Pegasus was always my favorite."

"It seems you have many happy memories of those times." The three kids jumped and turned to Optimus.

"Oh Optimus, yeah. We were just looking up more information about the Predacons predecessors," Raf pulled up more images, "There's actually quite a few winged horses in mythology like the Longma and Tianma of Chinese mythology. There's also the Chollima of East Asia, the Buraq of Islamic mythology, the Wind Horse of Tibet and the Tulpar of Turkic mythology.

"I see," Optimus said.

Raf nodded, "Yeah, and besides the unicorn there's also the Qilin from East Asia and the Indrik of Russian folklore. Then there's the Fenghuang of Chinese mythology, the Russian firebird and the Alicanto of Chilean mythology who share similarities to the Phoenix."

"Earth seems to have a large verity of legendary creatures," Optimus noted, "I regret I have not studied them more."

"But there's something," Raf spoke up and the Autobot commander turned to him, "All these creatures were usually helpful or friendly to humanity." Optimus arched an eyebrow ridge at that.

"Yeah," Miko added, "All those pictures of the other Predacons you showed us look like monsters and things that totally terrorized people."

Jack looked at him, "You don't think. . . they might be different do you?"

The other Autobot's had been listing in on the conversation and Ratchet scoffed, "I highly doubt it."

"Well that unicorn one did save the kids." Bulkhead said. When Ratchet turned to him he explained, "It took a blast that would of hit them."

The medic didn't look convinced, "Please, most likely it got in the way while trying to run away."

No one seemed to want to argue with him but Optimus turned to the images Raf had pulled up. "I believe Bulkhead may be right old friend."

Everyone turned to him, Ratchet looked shocked. "Optimus you've seen the damage Predaking has done, you can't honestly believe there any different."

"I have witnessed the damage brought by one individual, one who has been among the Decepticons and had lost the others of his kind," Optimus countered. "But. . . it's more than that. I sensed something was different. . . it's hard to explain. It was how that one looked at me after it was hurt, something in it's optics."

"Are we going to try and find them again?" Arcee asked.

"It won't be easy," Ultra Magnus said. "After what happened they'll be harder to locate."

Optimus held up an energon crystal, "Maybe we can bring them to us."
Transformers Prime Maximal Revolution Ch 6
The Autobots learn some surprising things about the new Predacons

Universe: Prime


First chapter:…

Previous chapter:…

Next chapter:

Maximal Insignia:…

In This Together by kiinastar
In This Together

Mara looked at her friend, "Sierra you can tell me if something is bothering you."

Sierra didn't look at her, she clutched the chain of her amulet. The only thing she had with her when she had been found wondering the wilderness with no memory of who she was or where she came from. Only knowing her name. "I just. . . I want to know who I am? Where did I come from? Where are my parents?"

Mara didn't say anything right away as she looked down sadly. "I know what it's like to lose everything," she whispered remembering when Kulta the Skull Grinder had broken into her home and killed her family. She placed a hand over Sierra's and gently squeezed it. "Don't worry, no matter what were in this together."

Sierra smiled, "Thank you."

Mara lost her family to Kulta the Skull Grinder and was taken in and raised by Narmoto alongside his son and Sierra.

Sierra was discovered wandering in the Region of Fire with no memory of who she was or where she came from, she was taken in and raised by Narmoto alongside his son and Mara.

A new take on my O.C.'s Mara and Sierra based on the second generation of Bionicle

I kept forgetting to put this up.

ngsmoov has done it again, another Transformers video. This time Elita's unit take center stage;…


also this one, warning Decepticons singing ;)…


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